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Background + Training

​River City Therapy began with an idea in 2006. I was sitting on my therapist’s couch as a young woman in graduate school for social work. I came into our session feeling confused and anxious, and down on myself. By the end of our 50 minutes I felt a sense of relief. I felt seen, and understood, and cared for; more at peace with myself and my life. It wasn't perfect, but it felt manageable and I felt hopeful. That’s the moment I clearly remember appreciating the gift of therapy and knew that someday I wanted to create a space like that for other people.

Therapy is somewhere you can show up as yourself - whatever it looks like that day - and not feel so alone with your experience. A place to be messy, to be honest, to be human, to be real. RCT is a gift to my younger self, and I hope it can be a place of healing, growth, and support for you too.

Today I offer psychotherapy support to individuals in Virginia and California. I am passionate about working with adults who are motivated and committed to their growth and healing. 


My name is Tracy -- I use she/her pronouns, and am a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) in Virginia and California. Since 2008 I have been practicing social work across the country -- in Virginia, New Orleans, New Mexico, San Diego, and even Mexico City for a little while.

I've worked in a large variety of settings, from the YWCA to Level 1 acute care medical facilities, corporate wellness centers to eating disorder centers, yoga studios to housing-first clients' homes. I've also worked with people of widely varying ages, orientations, cultural backgrounds, and abilities. Getting to spend time with people, having meaningful interactions, and sharing in important life moments -- that's the good stuff of my work.

Along the way I have helped clients dealing with depression, anxiety, stress + burnout, substance use concerns, disordered eating + body image issues, relationship conflicts, health problems, family planning, and grief + bereavement. I have also counseled many people experiencing physical trauma, acute crisis, and major life-altering events. In sum, I work with people as they experience their own life's challenges.

  • Dual Masters in Social Work from VCU for Clinical Social Work and Administration, Planning and Policy Practice.

  • Certified through the NASW to provide Phase-oriented Trauma Treatment.

  • Advanced-level Somatic Experience Practitioner-in-Training through Somatic Experiencing International.

  • EMDRIA Approved EMDR Therapist.

  • Yoga Instructor.

  • Level 2 Reiki Practitioner.

  • (I am above all a life-long learner.)

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